Enter the Ubuntu

Hi Everyone,

So I thought I would use this as a space to document my experiences as a graduate students transitioning from Windows XP.  I recently had my installed version of Ubuntu crash on me… so I decided posting how to guides here would also help me keep track of my experience.  I’ll post a summary of my experience to avoid doing a drawn out post.

  1. I was bored, had heard about Linux for a while so I searched and read about it.
  2. I found Wubu and installed it on my xp machine (it runs inside xp).
  3. I liked it, double booted my machine with Ubuntu and XP
  4. I hardly used xp so I did a full install of Ubuntu
  5. I spent hours and hours figuring out how to make mp3s work, DVDs read, what the hell a Terminal was, sudo, etc etc…
  6. I installed Virtual Box, and figured out how to make it recognise usb
  7. I tried to make it recognize my ipod (Ubuntu wouldn’t recognise it) So I ran some random code off of a vbox forum
  8. BOOM!
  9. Lost Sound, Lost usb uses, tried to do stuff to fix, lost splash screen, lost video, lost my statistics software…
  10. Reinstalled Ubuntu

So as you can see… be careful.  Ubuntu can absorb a lot of your time.  I would recommend making the switch over the summer when you have more time. But it will be worth it.  My Dell XPS M140 runs way faster with Ubuntu.

Now if only I could put music in my ipod.



2 responses to “Enter the Ubuntu

  1. Try Linux mint its based of off Ubuntuu and has all the codecs you need to do everything you will ever need media wise

    also Songbird is an amazing Media player that will accept most Ipods

    try it

  2. Thanks Hugo! I’ll be sure to give it a try.

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