Installing SPSS 16 Linux on Ubuntu 8.10

As a Psych student I absolutely need this program.  I did find that sometimes I got numbers that didn’t make sense.  So check to make sure your install is coming up with numbers that match another machine (check means, correlations)

Make sure it’s for Linux. Here is how I installed it on my machine. I have also includes instructions on how to install it so it still can work with all the desktop effects such as transitioning between virtual desktops.

1. Open up the Terminal (Applications < Accessories < Terminal)

Type in:


(you wont see any changes so don’t expect that)

2. Now insert your SPSS for Linux CD. Drag the setup.bin to the Desktop so it can copy the file (according to another guide you can double click on it too.. didn’t work for me)

3. For now lets turn off Compiz. Go to System < Prefernces < Appearance Click on the Visual Effects Tab and click on the none option.

4. Now back to the Terminal type in the following:

sudo apt-get install libstdc++5


cd Desktop

Notice the Capital “D”


sudo ./setup.bin

5. Go through all the steps of installation (be patient, some steps take a long time). One tip, the default folder did not work as a place for the installation. I created a Desktop folder named “SPSS16” (yes with caps). This worked better and made it easier to access the files I needed later on.

SPSS is Installed! Now if you want it to work with Compiz do the following

6. Open up your SPSS16 folder then the bin folder then find spss ( It’s in lower case, not upper case). Open the file with a text editor (click on it, then choose display). Now you should have a text document open. That starts with #!/bin/sh

After this on a separate line type in

export AWT_TOOLKIT=”MToolkit”

It should look like this now

export AWT_TOOLKIT=”MToolkit”
cd “/home/user/Desktop/SPSS16″
exec “/home/user/Desktop/SPSS16/bin/SPSS” $@

Save this file

7. Now click on the spss file (still lower case) and it should launch! Go back to apperance and turn on destops effects.

Trouble shooting:

On some installs I found that launching the program right after the install (by click on the SPSS file in the bin folder.. make sure it’s all in caps) it worked after making all the changes to make it work with the Desktop effects.

Congrats, you are done.

Sources: (use babelfish translator. It’s in French)


13 responses to “Installing SPSS 16 Linux on Ubuntu 8.10

  1. Good tutorial! I didn’t know SPSS had a Linux version.

    Another alternative for statistics is R which is free as speech. It is command-line only, but is really powerful. They have an apt repository for Ubuntu with some extensions.

    • Hi Daniel, thanks for the input! I was wondering, do you have any good guides for how to install R? I thought I might try to install it and then write up a short guide for this blog.

  2. Hi, do you know how to make this work with SPSS 17?

  3. From another Psych (postgrad) student transitioning to ubuntu:

    That was a awesome tutorial! You helped me a lot, specially because I’m just got the basics of the terminal. =D

  4. Glad it helped! I don’t know how to install SPSS 17, but don’t imagine it’s too different. I really haven’t kept up with Ubuntu.. it takes a lot of time. Try ubuntu forums.

    Good luck!

  5. Hi. I’m trying to install SPSS 16 in Ubuntu 9.04 with this tutorial. I follow all the steps, but after install, the SPSS file just won’t run… What am I doing wrong?


  6. Hi, same problem as Bruno here! Using Ubuntu 10.04 and can’t get it to work. Files are read-only, even if I install in the user folder.. Somebody got an idea how to get it running?

    • Drag the setup.bin into the Desktop, fire up the terminal, cd to the Desktop then type:

      chmod +X setup.bin


      sudo ./setup.bin

      I hope you can still find a use for this eventhough it’s probably too late.

  7. hi, do you know how to convert spss17 work into spss16?

  8. Me neither. Perhaps all that work is too non-updated. In my work they use SPSS but actually I’m and R-user. Well…

  9. $ chmod 755 *

  10. got problem when i installed SPSS. When the instalation process reached the “”Finalizing Vital Product Data Registr (99%)”, it took so long, what did it mean, and what should i do?

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