Ubuntu and Frustration

Happy Monday!

I tried to install a statistical program named “r”, nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  I went into synaptec and installed all the programs with r- and can’t even run it form the Terminal.  I’m frustrated.  Why does everything on here have to be a project? Argh!

I found out about this program called Scibuntu, appearantly it installs a bunch of science related programs for you.  I haven’t had any luck but hopefully I can find out how this works soon.



3 responses to “Ubuntu and Frustration

  1. In linux mint

    what you should be using anyway since it is so much easier to use go to Package manager

    refresh it

    type R

    scroll down to R base

    Mark it and hit apply

    everything else should be automatically

  2. Hugo, you have convinced me to give this a try. I just have to wait for a time that I have more time, or i’ll do through vbox. Right now I have no time to experiment with new OSs.

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