Small Tip of the Week for Beginners

Before Ubuntu completely stopped working last time I remember that the sound stopped working.  I heard a buzzing sound and freaked out, but no audio from any website, mp3 player, or video player.  I went to the forums, tried sudo this sudo that and ended  up losing a lot of the functionality my system had (usb devices stopped being recognized!).  Yesterday, I lost audio again and that buzzing sound came back!  This happened after usb started working with windows xp in virtual box (it randomly started to work after I installed Linux Mint and Ubuntu in virtual box).  Luckily I figured out a fix, it’s so easy it’s embarassing.  I’m not sure exactly what caused my sound to go in the first place but try this before freaking out and going to the forums.

    • Go to the little speaker icon on the top right of your screen.  Right-click the icon.  Choose open volume control.  Make sure PCM is all the way up, and that your Master volume control is at least in the middle.


      You are done….. Just goes to show you, sometimes we overcomplicate things.  If your sound didn’t work to start with then it may be an issue with not having a driver for your sound card.  In this case try this thread .


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