Grading with Ubuntu

I find that grading sometimes requires me to stick to Windows XP while grading.  I received a template for student evaluations that requires mail merge so I have been currently been running virtual box in full screen mode without a hitch.  I installed Microsoft office (it came with my dell) and have no problem e-mailing and sending messages from my Windows installed on vbox.  It’s good to know that even though I’m still transitioning to Ubuntu, I have the option to go back to what I know.

I also recently also bouth a new used printer for my computer.  It’s an officejet 4200 series. It scans to pdf, copies, prints (wow!), and faxes.  It’s great! Ubuntu automatically recognized it and installed the print and fax options, but unfortunately I could not install the scan option.  I ended up doing this through windows xp in virtual box using the cd that came with the printer.

I also found a well known website in the process of searching for a printing cord.  I was able to score one for less than 2 dollars, and also bought my hdm cord, ipod cord, xbox 360 to vga cord, mini usb cord from monoprice.  Great prices for quality cords.  Most are less than $2 and usually don’t go over $8.

Happy Grading for Everyone on the Quarter system! and good luck with finals!


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