I will be presenting at a psychology conference this Saturday, I have been busy working on a powerpoint mainly in virtual box (I don’t want to run into compatibility issues).  I recently tried boxee on my pc and have been messing with wah!cade.  Yes, again do this during the summer.

It looked great when I set it up on my television.  I was able to stream southpark episodes, listen to some music while working on the powerpoint. I figured out how to use my media center remote control.. nice.  Unfortunately, when I disconnected it my computer kept recognizing a second monitor.  This disabled compiz (the desktop effects) so I could not use the AWN dock.   This makes me worry about wether ubuntu will work well with projectors, luckily i’m turning the powerpoint into a poster.  I still have time to figure out how well ubuntu goes with projects.  It would be interesting to hear back from peoples experiences.

So you know that I am thinking on future ideas  for posts more directly related to  student needs I have some ideas for future posts:

Scibuntu (how to install) – It install many programs  for stats analysis, bio informatic programs, and plain useful stuff for graduate students

Installing Linux Mint – It comes set up so you can play various music and video formats on install

Edubuntu – ubuntu with resources for teachers

Useful Books and Magazines for Ubuntu Users


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