Exploration outside of Ubuntu

Unfortunately I have recently switched to Windows Vista and left Ubuntu behind.  I had the latest version 9 point something, but Vista just made it a pain to dual boot.  I was in the last week of finals so I had no time to go through all the trouble of figuring this out so I single booted the machine to Vista.  Vista automatically found the drivers for my laptop… so I went with the most convenient choice.  I was surprised that my laptop didn’t really suffer a performance drop, and did fine with only 2 gigs of ram and Vista.  Yes yes I know, but trust me I still have many wonderful things to update this blog with.  I recently discovered the psp, nintendo ds, and Dingoo homebrew seen.  I think I may create a simple guide for beginners.  I would advise you only download games you own, and avoid any programs that require yout to upload files such as bittorent.  You may think this whole commotion about lawsuits was a scare tactic, well I received a cease and desist order from the digital rights people in the USA.  Luckily it was not a lawsuit. So please be careful.  I have also found this program that lets you play your emulated games from one front end on windows (I used windows xp connected to my television, but I think it’s compatible with Vista).  I found a video where someone used this to connect a pc to their computer and control everything from an xbox 360 controller.  Pretty nice! Usually it’s used by people who want to build arcade cabinets.. but it’s also useful as a home console.  Check out the video and keep a look out for my updates and simple guides on how to do homebrew on thes systems.


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