Maximus Arcade Update

It has been a while since I last posted on here.  Since I started this blog I have gone through many projects which started off with exploring Ubuntu.  I have recently invested my time in trying to transfer my game collection to PC (as noted in a previous post).  Since then I have toyed around with emulating Dreamcast (nulldc), Sega Saturn (SSF), PS2 (PCSX2), and Gamecube and Wii (Dolphin).  Here is a sample of the Dolphin emulator running a gamecube game and a wiiware game (with a digi cam.. I’m not going to go through the trouble of figuring out how to video using the pc without lag):

I have integrated most of my emulators into Maximus Arcade except PCSX2 and Dolphin. Also, for some reason I’m having issues setting up the MESS emulator to run my Atari games.

I think I will use this blog to give updates on my current projects.  Right now my current project is setting up Maximus Arcade so expect a lot of that. As a reminder to all, I’m not making an arcade cabinet but imagine this being more like a console (hence the integration into Windows Media Center and use of xbox 360 controllers).


-SEGA SATURN (SSF – Ver0.10 beta R1) – Setup to auto mount and unmount nrg files, dragon force will not work through Maximus but works fine outside of Maximus.  Most other games work fine if SSF can run it outside of Maximus.

-Dreamcast (nullDC 1.0 beta 1_6) – I’m not using the latest release due to no control pad support, and I don’t like using xpad w/ Maximus… it has issues . I tried launching xpad with a batch file which did work and the exit batch file worked as well for the first use.  But if you close xpad and open it again it asks you to configure it again and this gets in the way of using it with Maximus (tried with ZINC emulator). Most games run fine, but only works using Chankast plugin otherwise FPS too high

-NES – in process of making screen shots

-SNES – pics for all my games, all run fine

-PCSX2 – can’t get it launch games, outside maximus only works if i launch with administrative priveleges.. and I can’t figure out how to do this win maximus.  Doh!

-ZINC – need to figure out how to set up controllers

-MAME – works fine, all games have pics

-CPS3 – all games have pics and sound works fine now

-batch files – planning on adding my mugen games, crysis, and if I buy SF4 will add that, I have guilty gear somewhere.. maybe i’ll add that

-All other emulators – gameboy, gameboy color, sega cd, sega 32x, genesis, mega drive, n64, psx… all working as far as I know, but on back burner

-Integration to Windows Media Center – I added a launch icon to media center in Vista, and when I exit Maximus Vista Launches.  I also have it configured so you can launch and exit a game using my media pc controller, xbox 360 controller, or keyboard.

-Other things – Need to find good music to add again for ambience, need intro movie,


DSC04665Nyko Wireless Sensor Bar – ~ $20

I still haven’t been able to test this out yet, but from what I read you need a wireless sensor bar to use the wii controller on your pc (the other sensor bars have to be connected to the wii itself). This product had pretty good reviews.  I bought it from Amazon.

Classic NGC GameCube Controller for Wii = 11.46DSC04664

I’m still waiting on the Wii Controller so I can test this out, but it looks like a real Nintendo product. It even came with a Japanese Club Nintendo points card.  I’m not too sure, but who knows. Here’s the picture so you can judge for yourself.  I also included the link.  Dealextreme is a very reliable website and has free shipping.  Just be prepared to wait a month for a product sometimes.


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